The Arrowed Heart Experience is a real "from our family to yours", type of affair. You will never be treated as a number. Instead your individual requirements will be heard and meet. Your custom puts food on our table, we appreciate that immensely and are humbled each and every time a couple chooses us for their wedding day or a mother to be chooses us to help with her celebrations. In return we offer good old fashioned customer service second to none and exceptional value for money packages.  

Arrowed Heart Events was born from the idea of diversifying our 300 acre beef cattle farm, nestled on the banks of Somerset Dam, into a wedding venue. Unfortunately the venue idea proved to be unaffordable at the time, but during the course of doing the research for the diversification, this little farming family fell in love with the idea of changing the all too often confusing and mega expensive wedding planning experience into a more simple, fun and good value for money event.  

SHIRLEY: The Mum and wife of the others, Shirley will be the one you have most contact with while planning your event. Her calm and positive nature is infectious and allows her to connect with most personality types.  Her out of the box and quick thinking makes her the perfect companion to have around, or to be first contact in an emergency. Shirley delights in nothing more then providing her clients with support and direction before, during and after their event. She has an uncanny knack of knowing what her client wants, sometimes even before they do. Her innovative styling designs and handmade approach to decorating will have you and your guests loving the bespoke atmosphere of your event. When she isn't event planning you can find Shirley scouring op-shops for funky fashion pieces or on the lounge playing Candy Crush. 

JULIAN : The Dad and husband of the others, Julian is the dude that makes a lot of Shirley's big prop ideas come to life. He will be the one up the ladder making the rigging for the lighting and or ceiling installation the day before or morning of your event. He is also the one that does a lot of the brawn work, lifting and carting tables, chairs boxes of cutlery etc. He is big on the safety and well-being of others, you can be assured that your decorations are secure and not a safety hazard when you have Julian on board. He is organised and methodical when he works, which makes him perfect for event decorating. When Julian has time off he's out in his paddock talking to his cows.

CHARLOTTE: The daughter and sister of the others, Charlotte is wise beyond her 16 years. More often then not the small craft items required for your event will be made by Charlotte. She knits, crochets and sews and her happy place is Spotlight. When she is not helping her parents with the farm and weddings she is acing senior at school or reading a drama/horror based book.

JAKE: The son and brother of the others, Jake is a great help when it comes to decorating your event. He is our little gofer, fetching scissors, hammers, string etc when required. He inspires to be an electrical engineer and successful YouTuber when he grows up. He always seems to have all the answers when it comes to trivia and at home is referred to as "Google Jake".